Stop and Smell the Ocean Breeze

I am the kind of person who loves to plan. I love looking to the future and planning my life. From where I'm going to live, to what color my new shoes are going to be, I just love planning it out. I'm not totally sure why, I think I just really love being able to design it all myself.

Leading up to this exchange, I planned everything in my mind. I daydreamed about the plane we were going to take here, what my apartment would look like, who my classmates were going to be. I was constantly thinking in the future. For a whole year, I dreamed about this exchange. This is what I looked forward to every single day, but now its here. I've been in Morocco for 5 weeks already, but instead of enjoying every moment, I've been looking forward once again.

I was hanging up my laundry on the roof the other day, overlooking the beautiful city that is Rabat, but instead of enjoying the warm ocean breeze, I was day dreaming about college and what major I plan to take. I achieved one dream, so I've moved onto the next.

Leading up to August 31, 2013; my sister's 12th birthday and the day I left the United States for 10 months, I had countdown after countdown on my iPod. My camera roll is filled with screenshot after screen shot; 8 days until finalist notifications, 3 days until Mal's vist, (check out Mallory's blog here: and our joint Vlog here: The Traveling Rants), 1 day until the Pre-Departure Orientation, etc.


but right now... My countdown app is empty. All the events are grey and in the past. Right now there is nothing on my calendar to countdown to. I am living my dream right now, and I need to live in the  moment. I need to stop obsessing over Cornell and their amazing International Agriculture and Rural Development major, and focus on my exchange. I need to stop, and smell the ocean breeze, it makes a better college essay anyway.


  1. Ok, so I love this whole post, but the last line is my favorite.


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