Hello and welcome!

 I am by no means a writer. In fact if you read more than one of my posts, you'll quickly realize that my writing style is stagnant and boring, full of run on sentences and misused commas, but good writing was never the goal of all this...

This blog started in 2013 to keep my family and friends updated with my life in Morocco as YES Abroad Youth Ambassador for the United States. Since then, I've returned to the USA for my senior year of high school, graduated and now am an undergraduate Plant Pathology student at The Ohio State University.

Now as your everyday college student integrated back into daily life in the United States, the blog's been used less and less. I kept it up for nostalgic reasons over the years, but recently I've been feeling that familiar tug... wanting to share my thoughts and throw them out to whoever might be reading them. If anything, that year in Morocco taught me that writing and blogging let me process my thoughts, and we all need that!

So! For whatever reason you're here, thanks for stopping by and I hope this blog gives you some sort of hope or insight.

Happy reading!


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