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On believing God's goodness

A funny thing happened this week.
I finished writing my thesis proposal, something I've been dreaming up for years and writing for months. Who knows if it'll it get me grant money, but the point is that it's done, approved by my advisor, and I'm pretty darn proud.
It, and all the crazy beautiful possibilities that come with it, are such a gift. I was filled with so much joy and hope for my future that day and I soon found myself posting about it on instagram with the caption "God is good guys."

It's funny though...
not even a week before that I was crying to one of our pastors about how hard it was for me to believe that God really is good.
Amidst a semester full of death, disease, and pervasive social injustice, I'd been finding it so hard to believe that the God of our universe really has the best in mind for us, and that he really is working to redeem this world.

So why, after a brief moment of personal success, did I suddenly feel confident enough…

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