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turning twenty and other ramblings

This month I enter a new decade:  my 20's.
It's crazy. Part of me doesn't believe I'm here, yet another feels like I've already been forever.

The past 10 years were unique. It's been a lot. I traveled to 9 countries, but lived in 3. I learned to speak three new languages, but remain fluent in only one more. I went through middle school, high school, and now parts of college. I've gone from a little girl with short hair to a young woman??? with shorter, shaggier hair and a plethora of stretch marks.

I've been reading through my old journals, planners, margins of books I love... anything that shows how I've changed... grown?
In one I was a child eating sugar cane and writing only funny stories in my "journal," but another yielded tear stained pages and angry rants about street harassment and muggings. It makes me wonder when growing up became synonymous with losing innocence.

Sometimes I think it's always been this way.

There are days when I …

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