Capstone Cookbook

One of the requirements of my program is the Capstone project. Each one of us has to research an aspect of our host culture and create some sort of final product. Over the 65 of us all around the world we will have all sorts of unique projects such as videos, books, and even some service projects! The Capstone is a great way to explore our interests and show how much we've all learned.

For my capstone project, I'm making a cookbook. Cooking is something I've always loved to do, and food is such a great way to connect with people. It goes beyond language barriers and tells so much about the person! What makes Moroccan culture special for me is the fascinating mix of different influences, and it's this same rich blend that makes Moroccan cuisine one of the best in the world. 

I want this cookbook to be a way to share a taste of Moroccan culture with all of you! I'm collecting recipes from my friends, host family, and through some cooking classes I'm taking from local women. This way each one will mean something to me. Each dish will carry a special memory. I'm super excited for this cookbook and I want you guys to be too! Once it is finished I am going to publish it online so as both a free e-book and a hardcover at a low price for manufacturing. I'll keep you updated and let you know as soon as I've finished! You might even be able to coax a little teaser recipe out of me in the coming weeks!


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