The Best Moments

Have you ever had those moments when you just win? Like when you find 5 dollars in your pocket or when you go to Costco and there's samples? Well these are some of the best "win" moments of Morocco

1.       When you get a tram stop and the tram comes in a minute
2.       When you don’t have to transfer trams
3.       When you get on the tram and its empty
4.       When you’re on an empty tram across the river, (literally one of the best things that can happen, you need a seat for that view)
5.       When you get off the tram then come back before an hour’s passed and don’t have to buy another ticket
6.       When you have exact change at a hanut
7.       When a hanut has momos
8.       When you have a spoon in your backpack so you can buy yogurt for lunch
9.       When you get to class and the teachers not there
10.   When you recharge your phone credit and there’s a promotion
11.   When you get home on Friday and you can smell that couscous cooking
12.   When you hung up your clothes on the roof to dry and its sunny out so they’re dry in a couple of hours
13.   When you flag down a taxi and it’s a super nice one
14.   When you turn on HIT radio and it’s C’est la Vie
15.   When you turn on HIT radio and it’s Stromae
16.   When you turn on HIT radio and it’s not Miley Cyrus
17.   When there’s harsha or rife for breakfast
18.   When there’s the perfect amount of amlou on your amlou and harsha from the green door
19.   When you go to a cafĂ© and there’s wifi
20.   When the medina’s empty
21.   When the medina’s crowded
22.   When you go to the medina and the shebekia place is open
23.   When the hammam is empty
24.   When the hammam is crowded
25.   When you get ridiculous amounts of skin off at the hammam
26.   When your host mom brings back baghrir or stuffed rife for goute
27.   When you find somewhere to break a 200
28.   10 dirham coins. Best thing ever.
29.   When there’s a concert on tv; chaabi dancing all night!
30.   When the neighbors turn their wifi on; time to facetime everyone!
31.   When you get to the gym JUST in time for Zumba

32.   When there’s dates with breakfast


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