One Month

It's down to one month... that's 31 days to pack for 10 months; 744 hours to learn more french; 44,640 min left of Maryland summer; and 2,678,400 seconds to say goodbye to everyone I love. It's not nearly enough time, but it's also way too much time. It's 31 more days to wait until I begin one of the hardest, yet most amazing years of my life! I have so many crazy emotions swirling through my head. I honestly have no idea how to describe it. I keep saying that it doesn't feel real yet, and it's true! I'm pretty much at a loss for words right now, so here's a little update on what I've been up to!

This summer has flown by! Since returning from Uganda, I've spent pretty much everyday working, but that's oka as I actually enjoy lifeguarding! I just started soccer workouts on Monday, even though I won't be able to play this year. Then we're going down to the beach on Saturday. When we get back next week, there will only be a couple of days before fall sports and band camp start up again. I'm planning on visiting as much as a can, but I'm sure it'll be hard just watching. School starts here in Hoco on the 26th and then I leave the following Sunday on the 31st. I just got an email from my guidance counselor at Wilde Lake about my schedule for next year... guess I  left out the little fact that I won't actually be here...

Please pray for me in my last couple of weeks here! I really just want to make the most of my time and spend it all with friends and family! Thank you so much for supporting me and following this blog!


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