Uganda 2013

On Monday, about a week ago, 13 other people and I returned from our missions trip in Jinja, Uganda. We were there for a little over 2 weeks, about 18 days total. including travel. We worked with AOET, the very same organization my parents worked with when we lived there 4 years ago. AOET is an organization that works mainly with children orphaned by HIV/AIDS. They have a health clinic, primary school, and secondary school all in the Jinja district. Our purpose was to conduct interviews of sponsored children in order to provide updated information to both the organization and the child's sponsor. The whole trip was absolutely amazing in every way. It was hilarious, eye-opening, perspective-changing, and just an overall wonderful experience! We all made so many lifelong relationships with the children, the staff, and of course: each other. Here's a little bit of what we did each day:
Friday, June 28th-left Dulles
Saturday, June 29th-arrived in Entebbe and spent the night at a hotel
Sunday, June 30th-drove to Jinja, got settled into the guest house, and walked to the primary school
Monday, July 1st-toured all the AOET faclities
Tuesday, July 2nd-interviewed children at the health clinic
Wednesday, July 3rd-Home visits, EARTHQUAKE
Thursday, July 4th-Interviews at primary school all day
Friday, July 5th-AOET Staff Retreat
Saturday, July 6th-Boat ride on the nile and shopping in Jinja town
Sunday, July 7th-Church at Bugembe Miracle Center, shopping in Jinja town
Monday, July 8th-Interviews at the offices in Njeru
Tuesday, July 9th-Home Visits
Wednesday, July 10th-Home Visits
Thursday, July 11th-Intereviews at the Secondary School
Friday, July 12th-Farewell Celebration at the Health Clinic
Saturday, July 13th-Sports Day with primary school
Sunday, July 14th-Left Uganda :(
Thank you so much for supporting me on this missions trip! Check out my Photo page for pictures of the trip!


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