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Wednesday marked the start of the "Study" part of our study abroad program. The usual mix of frustration, dread, excitement, and anxiety that everyone faces to a degree the first day was heightened x 10,000 three days ago. Instead of returning to the same high school I had been going to the past few years, with my same group of friends, and my same routine fall back into;  I was adventuring into something completely new. I didn't know anyone, well other than the 7 other YES Abroad students, and here's something... all my classes are in FRENCH! So I guess that's a bit different.

When Wednesday rolled around the corner, all my fears were proved to be true, but you know what? That's okay! I wouldn't have been accepted into this program if they thought I couldn't handle the challenge. I'm going to be honest and say that there's no way I'll be getting near a 4.0 this year, but I think the fact that I'm I Morocco taking classes in French might be a valid excuse.

Anyway, at 5:50, September 11th, 2013, I rolled out of bed and faced my junior year. After getting ready and shoving some nutella and café au lait in my mouth, Belinda and I were out the door walking to the tram stop at the top of our road. When we finally arrived at school around 45min later, we were told we didn't have to  be there until 10. So, as we do every time there's an hour or two to blow, we went to a café.

I am the only American in the Premiere Science track, as well as one of three girls. When I walked into class that day it was a daunting thought, but now I'm thankful of my situation. The guys in my class are hilarious and pretty nice as well, and by being the only one in my class I have the opportunity to immerse myself even more.

The first, and only, class that day was Maths. The teacher already had a slideshow up on the board so I was expecting a chill, introductory class. I was sorely mistaken. He quickly took role and suddenly I was furiously scribbling down notes that honestly make absolutely no sense to me. I thought math would be a breeze seeing I survived Pre-Calc GT last year, but I had absolutely no idea what was going on around me! The terms were different, as well as way of solving problems, and even writing numbers! I was terrified of the year ahead of me.

Now, after 2 more days of classes, I feel so much better. People started talking to me and I can actually understand the teacher for the most part! We'll see what happens on Monday when I go back to math class, but for now, I am ready to face this challenge.

Here's my schedule of the classes I'm required to go to. I might go to English or Spanish occasionally, but for now I have a pretty sweet deal as far as logistics go!
Check out the Photos page for some pics and feel free to comment or email me with any questions!

SPC (10-11)
Lunch (12-2)


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