La Nourriture

So a lot of people have been asking about food, and what kind of things I eat on a daily basis. So I'd thought I'd sum it up in one word. Bread.

Tagine and Bread. Eggs and Bread. Jam and Bread. Nutella and Bread. Chicken and Bread. Rice and Bread. Couscous and... surprisingly no bread! My point is, we eat a LOT of bread. Here, bread isn't just a side dish, it's your utensil. While we eat with forks or spoons in the states, most meals here are eaten with bread. Everyone has some bread in front of them and they rip of pieces to eat with. You use three fingers and use the bread to sort of scoop the food from the dish. Most of the time, larger meals are eaten from a large communal dish in the middle of the table. You have your loaf of bread and get at it.

Breakfast: Every morning when I wake up, breakfast is laid out on a tray on the table. My host mom is so sweet and will wake up early just to get us breakfast, even at 6am on Sunday so we can go to church. Breakfast can vary, but there's always, and I mean always, mint tea or cafĂ© au lait. Most of the time we have some sort of egg, whether its hard boiled or a small omelet. And of course, there's always bread! I normally have some bread with some nutella, and some bread with some sort of jam. There's this really good sweet potato jam, as weird as that sounds it's delicious!

Lunch: We have lunch in Agdal at least 3 times a week so I eat out a lot. Lunch can vary. Sometimes I'll just grab a yogurt from a Hanut, (small shops that sell snacks and things like that), and other times I'll get a full out meal. I've already found my favorite places to go. There's this great salad bar that's amazing when I'm missing fresh vegetables, though it's pretty expensive compared to a 2 dirham yogurt and some bananas.

When we come home for lunch on Wednesdays we'll generally have tagine, or sometimes some rice or chicken. It really depends. On Fridays, if my host mom isn't working all day, we'll have couscous. She makes this HUGEEE dish of couscous and vegetables and everyone gets a spoon and digs in! You stay in your triangle so that by the end there's little walls of couscous throughout the dish.

Dinner: Dinner can really be anything. It all depends on what was for lunch and if there's people over. We have tagine a lot for dinner but sometimes it can be just a pastry or some bread. We eat dinner around 9 or 10 at night so it tends to be a smaller meal.

I've mentioned tagine many times throughout this post and you're probably wondering what it is. The best way I can think of to describe it is as stew. It can be made with all sorts of different vegetables, but is essentially a bunch of tender vegetables and sometimes some meat in a oily broth. It's really delicious! Everyone eats out of the same communal dish with your own bread.

That's about all I can think of for food! It's pretty delicious, though I miss being able to bake chocolate chip cookies on the weekends!


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